Meeting your needs

by utilising available resources
Do you have river nearby and want to know how much power it can produce for you?

I need energy

Here is what our happy investors and customers have to say about us:

Piet Colruyt – Impact investor

“Although as an impact investor I don’t usually focus on the African ontinent, I realize that every euro invested in Africa can have an even greater impact.  

The link between access to electricity and reducing poverty has been made several times. Every kilowatt generated by Hydrobox improves the lives of the community in a very tangible way: farmers can connect water pumps, shops can cool products, children can study without toxic fumes

When I saw Thomas’ team succeed in bringing small-scale hydropower reliably and cheaply to the smallest villages, I was convinced that Hydrobox deserves all the support.”

Stef Goossens – CEO of 3E

“Since my early investment, Hydrobox has proven its ability to scale and deliver upon commitments.

It is inspiring to see how they combine a viable business model with high impact for the local communities.”

Dirk Vyncke – Pater Familias VYNCKE Clean Technology

“We believe in the ABC-concept for decentralised electrification.

We believe in the professional approach and the enthusiasm of the people behind Hydrobox.

That’s why the Vyncke-family invested in Hydrobox”

Inge Haeck – Business Manager at Arval Belgium – BNP Paribas Group 

“I invested in Hydrobox because it is making a basic need accessible to those who previously did not have access to electricity. This changes the lives of so many people for the better.”


Wim Warnier- Serial scale-up CEO & impact enabler

“Hydrobox offers everyone a chance to support a local Kenyan entrepreneur – John Magiro – in the realization of his dream to electrify rural Kenya.

Hydrobox facilitates the creation of local renewable energy by Kenyans for the future welfare of rural Kenya.”

François Olsthoorn, COO E-Lucious

“Hydrobox is an innovative company, that truly makes an impact on the lives of many people in rural Kenya.

Hydrobox is a well-run company on a steep growth path, that gives me all confidence that the money is well invested!”

Janet, Murang’a resident

“I was among the first to get connected to the grid. My life has completely changed. My children can now study late into the night.”

WaMichael, Businessman

“I no longer have to close my shop early; my opening hours have been extended and my customers are happy.”

Naftary Kimani, Farmer

“With a previous provider, I once incurred a huge loss when a blackout damaged my farm machinery. That is now a thing of the past that I have never experienced when I got connected to Hydrobox’s grid.”

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