through product and business model

The Hydrobox

Hydroelectricity is a proven technology but operating it in Africa comes with a few challenges. That is how we came up with the Hydrobox.

Business Model

Technology alone does not change the world. It needs a strong business model to be scalable and sustainable.

To overcome electricity barriers, we believe in providing a total solution. That is why we offer Hydrobox energy as a service and Hydrobox as a serviced product.

ABC Model

Many players in the rural electrification industry struggle because electricity consumption by rural households is lower than they expected.

Unlike with solar or wind energy, our rivers produce electricity 24 hours a day. We leverage this advantage by serving 3 complementary market segments through our innovative ABC+ model.

The mixing of customers results in a high off-take percentage and translates into lower prices compared to when focusing exclusively on 1 segment.

As a result, our power is reliable, affordable and sustainable.

Impact model

Our mission is to emPOWER individuals and TRANSFORM communities through our electricity.

To increase the impact of our power, we partner with likeminded organisations to offer electricity related services that touch & improve our customer’s lives further.

We do this because we believe we are stronger together. It also helps us reach our goal of 100% offtake.